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Benefits of Car Wrapping

Ford Truck Wrap Sideview

If you want to change the look of your vehicle without having to undergo the hassle of an expensive respray, car wrapping Kent may be an ideal option for you. Car wraps are more economical. Another advantage is that they come in such a wide variety of colours and finishes, you are sure to get the result you want.  

Instant Results

Car wraps will instantly transform your vehicle into one that looks fresh, new and on-trend. What’s more, vehicle wraps come in a variety of finishes, such as matte, gloss, metallic and even textured. These options are much more affordable than a respray but they offer the same kind of eye-catching result, to really help you stand out on the road. Gloss wraps in particular offer the same glossy finish as a respray and the colour options available to you are infinite.


Once you’ve chosen your colour and finish, contact an experienced vehicle wrapping technician. They will apply your chosen wrap carefully and expertly, in order to avoid any trapped air bubbles or imperfections that would otherwise damage the finish.

Easy to Remove

A considerable advantage of car wraps over resprays is that they are removable. Once you have grown tired of your car’s colour, simply peel away the wrap and begin anew. There is also the option to have paint protection wraps. Offering an extra level of reassurance, these will cause no damage to the underlying paintwork.

Great for Advertising

Not just a pretty face, vehicle wraps can be an ideal way of capitalising on mobile advertising space. Any vehicle can be fitted with a wrap, from cars and vans to buses and trains.
Prestige Graphics offer expertly applied premier vehicle wraps as well as a variety of other services you may be interested in. We offer professional window tinting, signage or signwriting and vehicle wrapping in Kent. To find out more about our car wrapping service and how we can help, contact Prestige Graphics today.

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How Can Vehicle Wraps Improve My Company’s Advertisements?

Train Graphics Kent

If you are concerned about the mounting costs of advertising space, why not consider capitalising on prime advertising space that is readily available? Vehicle wraps from Prestige Graphic Installations are an excellent means of advertising your business and are incredibly cost effective. Especially compared to other forms of advertising you may consider, such as billboards or radio and TV adverts, that may cost much more.

Cost Effective Advertising

The good news is that vehicle wraps provide much more value than other forms of signage as the cost per impression of them is much lower. Furthermore, the fact that this form of advertising is mobile ensures that you will be covering much more ground (literally!) than static forms of advertising.

Make an Impact

Vehicle wraps can be designed to be as creative as you desire, meaning you can really make an impact to any potential customers out there. The design team at Prestige Graphic Installations will work closely with you and if needed, will help advise you on any design features or colour schemes that may work particularly well for you.


Additionally, you will be pleased to know that your existing logo can be reproduced for your vehicle wrap so you won’t have to undergo a costly rebrand. Speaking of which, should you ever need to remove the wrap, it can simply be peeled away from your vehicle’s paintwork without damaging it.

Brand Continuity

Vehicle wraps are exceptionally versatile. They can be applied to all sorts of vehicles, from cars to buses and trains. Crucially, vehicle wraps can be applied across your entire fleet, so can ensure brand strength and continuity.
For all of your graphic, signage, signwriting and window tinting requirements, including office manifestations, contact the experts at Prestige Graphic Installations. We offer superior vehicle wraps at the very best price.

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Vehicle Wraps FAQ’s

Boss 302 Car Wrap Side

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding vehicle wraps.

What Are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are large graphic vinyl decals that are applied to a vehicle over the original paintwork. Oftentimes, vehicle wraps are utilised for advertising purposes, but they can also be a great way to change the colour or appearance of your vehicle quickly and without resorting to a costly respray. Vehicle wraps come in a wide range of colours and finishes, such as metallic, matte or glossy. You can get a full wrap or a partial wrap depending on your specifications.

What does the Wrapping Process Involve?

For all vehicle wraps, including bus and fleet wraps, there are three steps to the process.

Firstly, the design of the wrap, which involves collating accurate measurements of your vehicle and coming up with the design you want, is applied.

The second step involves the production of the vehicle wrap, where it is printed and laminated with a coating that provides protection against scratches and UV rays.

The final step is the application phase. The exterior of your vehicle will be cleaned of any debris, including mud, wax, oil and dirt. The technicians will then apply the wrap to your vehicle.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Typically a vehicle wrap application can be completed in a day.

What If My Vehicle Wrap Becomes Damaged?

If your vehicle wrap sustains any damage, it is possible to replace the damaged panel individually avoiding the need for the entire wrap to be replaced.

How Long Does a Vehicle Wrap Last?

A vehicle wrap can last for between one and five years.

Are Vehicle Wraps Difficult to Remove?

Not at all! Vehicle wraps can simply be removed by peeling back the vinyl from the vehicle’s paintwork.
If you are interested in obtaining a premium wrap for your vehicle, or for any signage, tinting and signwriting requirements you may have, contact the experts at Prestige Graphic Installations.