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Choosing the Right Sign for your Business

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Picking the right sign for your business can be a challenge as you want to get one that will be in keeping with the town, village or city you are in and have one that will suit your business. There are a few factors to take into account when producing a business sign. Sign makers in Kent will develop a sign that meets your business requirements and promotes it in the best way.



There are many places you can position a sign outside your business. You could have a hanging sign above the front door to enable people not only to see what the business is but also where the entrance is. These are good for cities or large towns as people will see the sign from a distance. You could also use signage like A-boards, wall signs and window signs. These signs are good for smaller towns as they’ll be more noticeable on the street.


The Right Size

Getting the right size sign for your business is an essential. The sign needs to be eye catching but not so large that it causes complaints. The sign needs to be visible, and for the best results, it should be readable from different angles and recognisable from a distance. Signage in Kent will produce the perfect sized sign for your business.



Adding lights to your business sign will make it more eye catching for passer-bys. Using LED, neon or back lighting will brighten the storefront and make it more attractive to customers. If people can see it and like the look of it, then they’ll be more likely to go in.



First impressions are important and being artistic with your sign will give your business more of a professional look. There are a few ways you can get creative with the sign; you could use paint (including chalk paint). Decorate the sign with relevant patterns and designs that suit your business. However, remember that less is more, overcrowding the sign will make it hard to read.



The material of your sign will be based on the type of business you have and the sort of message you want to give out to customers. The types of materials you could have are fabrics, metal (can be good for a rustic/vintage business), wooden signs, painted glass (good for windows) and awnings.



Depending on where your business is located will be a large factor in deciding what sign you have for your business. The sign will need to be in keeping with the neighbourhood feel and look as going against this could cause controversy within the local area.


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The Benefits of Having a Professional Business Sign


Sign makers in Kent can improve your business simply by using a sign! Signs attract, encourage and engage the customer with your company. A well-made sign will get people to read about your business and be intrigued by what it has to offer. We want to make sure you have the best signage for your company whether it’s fascia signage, banners or a-boards.      


Looks professional

A sign is the simplest and most efficient form of advertising. Having a business sign that has been produced professionally will allow for your company to look a lot more respectable and well-presented. This will allow for customers to feel proud to shop or be in business with you, resulting in an increase in reviews and profit.          



An attractive sign will make it a lot more aesthetically pleasing for people to see. No-one wants to see a scrappy sign in the town they live in as this can be off-putting and upsetting to some people. Therefore having a sign that has been made professionally will make people happier and will increase the morale of the town.  



Getting yourself a professionally made business sign will be a huge investment as it will essentially advertise itself. A well-made sign will further increase the profits of your company and result in you earning back the money you spent on the sign.   

A good sign will get you noticed and increase your publicity. Signs such as banners and advertising boards will mean that the promotion of your business will be spread across your local area gaining the attention of a lot of people at once.      

Studies have shown that adequate signage can increase your profits by 7 – 15% (dependant on the type of sign). The most useful signs are large pole signs as they can target a lot of people at once due to its size.


Encourage Customers

Customers will be more willing to go to your company over others if it looks professional. A company that looks reliable and is well-presented will allow for customers to have more trust in it and want to spend their money.  

Impulse shopping will also be increased. When walking through town, if someone sees an eye-catching, well-made sign they will be more inclined to go into the shop and purchase something or recommend it to their friends and family. Gaining extra publicity and engaging with customers.

Signage in Kent aims to produce signs that have this effect and make your business stronger.


If you want a professionally made sign, get in touch with us today!

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Signage Options for Your Business

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If you are looking for signage for advertising or other purposes but aren’t sure where to start, this article may help. Here is a brief outline of the kinds of signage available to you.

Swing Signs

Swing signs can be hanging or free-standing. Not only are they eye-catching for passers-by, but hanging swing signs can catch the attention of passing motorists very effectively. The advantage of this kind of sign is that they don’t take up too much wall space or pavement space. So if space is a concern for you, this type of signage will be ideal.

Interior and Exterior

Interior and exterior signage is a great option if you are looking to install graphics in your space. You could display your company motto, slogan, aims or initiatives for all to see. Alternatively, if your business offers a range of services that you wish to communicate to potential customers, an exterior sign is the way to go.

3-Dimensional Lettering

3-D signage stands out. Literally! So, if you are looking for signage that really grabs attention, 3-D lettering may be for you. These kinds of signs are great for promoting your company and really leaving an impression on your customers.


A-boards are a great way of catching attention, especially from footfall traffic. Placed on the pavement, the eye will naturally be drawn to an eye-catching sign that displays the range of services on offer.

Small Advertising Boards

These kinds of boards are perfect for display anywhere you see fit. They also have the advantage of not taking cluttering up your space, if that is something you are concerned about.


Advertising banners offer plenty of space and can be arranged to divide up a large space. This may be perfect for catching the attention of people and conveying important messages to your customers.

Perspex Panels

Perspex panels offer a modern, sleek look. They look great too!

Fascia Signage

Acting as the frontispiece of your business, fascia signage will always draw attention. For this reason, you should make sure it looks perfect and is of an exceptional standard.

Prestige Graphics offer exceptional production and installation services of precision signage. Our installers have 25 years of experience between them and are able to offer 24-hour installations. Our full-colour digital print offers an exceptional quality finish. Contact Prestige Graphics today to find out how we can help you.