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Signwriting FAQs

van wraps in kent

Signwriting is an excellent way to help improve your customer base and optimise your branding. Commonly, signwriting is used for boosting the advertisement of your business and helping you develop your branding image.

Signwriting in Kent has a highly experienced team of signwriters who use the highest quality products to guarantee an outstanding finish.


Listed below are 14 signwriting FAQs, hopefully answering any questions you may have.


1. What is Signwriting?

Signwriting is the process of installing graphics onto a surface such as a vehicle or a store window. Signwriting can be done in a couple of ways. It can be vinyl, in particular, if it’s being applied to a vehicle. Or, it can be hand painted onto a glass window.


2. What Can Signwriting be Put on?

Signwriting can be used on all sorts of surfaces and for many purposes. Commonly, signwriting is used on vehicles for advertising purposes. However, it can also be used as business signs for shop windows.


3. Can I Wash my Car with a Pressure Washer?

If you have signwriting applied to your car, then you will need to take some care when you are washing it. It is recommended that you use a sponge and warm soapy water. This will be nice and gentle on the car and the signwriting. Using a squeegee to remove excess water is beneficial as it does a smooth and efficient job. However, when doing this, be careful around the edges of the signwriting to avoid damaging it.

When choosing the equipment to wash your car with, make sure that you don’t use abrasive cleaners or chemicals. This is because it can affect the signwriting. Pressure washers can be used but in use bear in mind that you keep the pressure below 2000 psi and have a wide spread angle. Be aware that using a jet washer can actually reduce the lifespan of the signwriting.  


4. How Long Will the Signwriting Last?

Signwriting can tend to last a long time. It’s a very durable product and is made to be weatherproof. On average, signwriting can last between 3-7 years. This is a fairly large gap; however, this will be as a result of the quality. As long as the signwriting is cared for and respected, it should last quite a long time, but if it is mistreated, then the lifespan will be significantly reduced.

Once you’ve had the signwriting applied to your vehicle, it may be beneficial to you to not wash your car until at last a week later. Cleaning it too soon can affect the adhesive.


5. Will it Damage my Paintwork?

Not necessarily. If applied correctly your paintwork should be absolutely fine. As it’s vinyl, it will be very similar to a wrapping. Wrapping a vehicle protects the original paintwork and signwriting is very similar. If the graphics are in direct sunlight, when they’re removed you may notice that you can see where the graphics were as the paintwork that wasn’t covered will have slightly faded. This isn’t a major issue as it does take years for this effect to happen.


6. How Do I Remove Them?

The removal of signwriting is relatively straightforward. You can take it back to the garage, or you can remove it yourself. The general process of removing signwriting is heating it to warm up the adhesive. Once this has been done, from one corner you want to peel it back to allow it to come off easily. The signwriting should be heated throughout this process to enable all the adhesive to come off smoothly. To avoid any issues it is often best to get a professional to do this if you have no experience in it.


7. Can I Wax my Vehicle if I Have Signwriting on it?

It’s best not to apply chemicals to the signwriting as this can have a negative reaction with the vinyl, causing it to crack and break down. Soapy water is advisable to wash your car with to reduce the event of anything bad happening to the signwriting.  


8. Do I Need to Look After the Graphics in a Special Way?

There is no particular care required, however, bear in mind the previous comment on washing. Try to avoid using jet washers and abrasive chemicals on the signwriting.


9. Can I Supply my Own Designs?

If you have your own designs you want to put on your vehicle, most places will accept this. They can also help you design something, so if you have a couple of ideas and no design, the signwriters will assist in designing the graphic for you.


10. Is Signwriting Just for Vehicles?

Signwriting isn’t necessarily just for vehicles. Commonly signwriting is for cars, vans or buses (any vehicle) due to the signwriting being Vinyl. As a result, it can sit on the vehicle’s surface without causing any damage. However, signwriting covers optimising your brand’s visibility. Signage in Kent have professional designers who will update your signage and if needed, help you create custom logos and designs.


11. Are There Benefit to Signwriting?

Signwriting comes with multiple benefits. It will benefit you and your business (if you have one). Signwriting can benefit you because it will allow you to have the design you want on your car or van. Alongside this, the signwriting will act similarly to wrapping. It will protect the original paintwork of the vehicle enabling it to be good as new when you remove it.

Graphics work and signwriting can be easily applied to a vehicle and removed just as easily.

If you are using signwriting for business purposes, it will significantly help with the advertising of your business. As you drive your car or van around, it will allow people you pass to see what you are offering. This is giving you the opportunity to target hundreds and potentially thousands of people at the same time.

Signwriting in shop windows will help your business look more professional and assist with customer loyalty.


12. Can the Graphics be Reused?

Unfortunately no. Graphics put onto a car cannot be reused as when they may be stretched and have deteriorated a bit.


13. Will Signwriting Help Advertise my Business?

Signwriting can help advertise your business. Having your businesses branding on vehicles will help get the word out about our business. As you drive around in the car or van, people multiple people will be able to see it and get in touch. Typically it’s more beneficial to have the businesses name, colours, contact information and a little bit about the business on the vehicle. This is giving those who are seeing your vehicle enough information to be interested and be able to contact.


14. How Long Does it Take?

Applying signwriting to a vehicle will generally take a couple of hours. The process is very similar to wrapping a vehicle; however, it all depends on the size of the design. If the design is large, it will naturally take longer to apply, but smaller ones can be completed quicker.

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Having Your Bus Wrapped

bus wrapping kent

Buses are one of the biggest vehicles on the road and are incredibly hard to miss. This makes them a huge advertising point. If you have a bus, then consider getting it wrapped. This will allow it to appear more desirable and to attract more people to it. Bus wrapping in Kent will professionally turn your bus into an exciting vehicle, catching the eye of more people.


School bus

School buses are an excellent opportunity to advertise to a range of people. An advert on a bus will be seen by children, teenagers and adults. As a result of this, it makes it a more versatile form of advertising.  You can advertise for absolutely anything in a school, however, make sure that is in keeping with the age range of the students. You don’t necessarily have to advertise; have the bus wrapped with a fancy design instead to make it look more attractive. This will also let people see how nice the bus is, and the school will want to keep using it.


Party bus

Party buses are always fun to decorate and design. So much can be done with the graphics on the bus. If you’re thinking about having your party bus wrapped, then there are a couple of things you should think about. You will want to choose a colour scheme that will compliment the bus and your business. You may also benefit from selecting images or patterns that will be appropriate for all audiences, further showing your business in a good light.


Private bus

Do you own a private bus or a private bus company? Now is your time to give your bus a new look. Perhaps you want to design it to advertise your bus business or to promote something else. This could even be a band or pop star. With tour buses, the artist’s name and chosen style tend to go around the outside of the bus to promote who they are. Car graphics in Kent are professionals in applying graphics on vehicles and will make your bus stand out from the crowd.


Public bus

A public bus is an excellent form of advertising. Buses travel all around going through different villages and towns on their journey. As they go, thousands of people will see it. Make the most of this and have advertisements put up on the side. The advertisements aren’t permanent and therefore can be changed whenever you want.

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Tips for Signwriting


Signwriting is an excellent way of reaching hundreds of people at the same time. It allows you to advertise your business and make people aware of who you are as a company. Signwriting in Kent have professionals who will wrap your vehicle, offering your business the best look.


Keep it Concise

Too much information is overwhelming and can result in people reading something that isn’t pertinent to what your business is about. By keeping the information concise and just saying what you need to, readers will find it much easier to understand.


Less is More

It’s not just the information that needs to be kept simple, but the design does too. A clean design promotes business positively and professionally. You will build a more trusted relationship with customers from them knowing how professional you are.


Match Your Brand

When putting graphics on your vehicle that are promoting your business, make sure that you match your branding. Therefore you will want to use the same colours, logo and slogan (should you have one). You will be more identifiable if you include your business’s brand and it will leave people remembering who you are.


Easy on The Eye

Don’t go overboard with the designs. Too much colour and wording can make it difficult to read. Consider using colours that will compliment each other to make it a little bit easier to see. Train wrapping in Kent will professionally design your vehicle so that you can inform more people about your business.


Contact Details

Showing your contact details on the vehicle will make it easier for people to see how to get in contact with you if they like the sound of what you are offering. As you will be targeting a large selection of people with the graphics on your vehicle, it’s best to have a phone number or website people can use to get in touch with you.



If you have any accreditations, include them in the design for your vehicle. Accreditations are worth showing off as they will make your business stand out and allow it to look better. If people know about any professional accreditations you may hold, then it will help boost the trust customers have in your business.

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Why Should You Use Vehicle Graphics?

Van Wrap Back

Vehicle graphics are much more exciting than regular paint! They allow you to personalise your car, van or lorry in a way that promotes your business or a way that makes your vehicle look even cooler. Van graphics in Kent will help turn your regular white van into a stunning and exciting vehicle.


Be Unique

Following the majority in society can get quite repetitive. So, be different! Have graphics professionally put on your vehicle and add a bit of excitement to society. Being unique is underrated – allow your car to look amazing with a graphic you’ve designed yourself or with a design you’ve always liked. Having graphics on your car or van will allow you to personalise your vehicle in a way that you’ve always wanted.



Vehicle graphics are the strongest form of advertising for your business. Graphics on vehicles are received in a much better light than any other form of advertising purely because they aren’t intrusive. As you scroll through Facebook or as you browse online you are constantly bombarded with pop-up ads and cookies. Vehicle graphics won’t have this effect. As you go out and about doing your everyday activities, you will just see vans or cars gently advertising their business. Being stuck in traffic behind a van, lorry or car that has graphics on it will not only allow you something to look at, but it will also deliver you the relevant information for their business. Vehicle graphics in Kent have experts who will professionally apply graphics to your car allowing your business to stand out from the crowd.


Make the Every-Day More Colourful

As we enter the colder months of the year, the weather and days seem to get a little gloomier. Add some more colour to your life by adding graphics to your vehicle! Colour is an incredible gift that enables us to feel happier and make the days more exciting. Your vehicle is one of the things you can make all the more exciting and make a traffic jam more entertaining!

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Why Should You Wrap Your Vehicle?

Range Rover Sport Wrap Side

Fancy a change or want a different colour car? Vehicle Wraps in Kent will professionally wrap your vehicle, giving it a fresh look and an expert finish. Wrapping is significantly cheaper than paint but can look just as good and will protect your original paintwork!


Easy Removal

Just like applying it, the wrap on a vehicle is easy to remove. To remove the wrap, it’s best to have some experience however the process is quite simple. All you need to do it have a heat gun. The heat gun is required to heat the wrap to a certain degree. Once the temperature has been reached you, then need to peel the wrap back at a 45-degree angle slowly. Due to what the wrap is made of, it shouldn’t leave any adhesive on the car.  However, rushing the peel can cause the vinyl and the adhesive to separate. 



If you have bought a car but not liked the colour, then a wrap is for you. Wrapping your vehicle is a cheaper alternative to paint and is a more beneficial way of changing the colour of your vehicle. For a good, professional paint job the price will be around £4,000, this is worth it if you have no plans to change the colour. For an average colour wrap, it’d be around £1,200. Both prices are variable upon the size of the car.


Not Permanent

As a wrap sits on top of the original paint work, the paint will always be available if you change your mind or have had enough of the wrap. Being a temporary colour change, you can just peel the wrap off to reveal the original colour underneath. Car Wrapping in Kent will wrap your vehicle allowing you to have the colour car you’ve always wanted.


Protect the Paint

Getting your vehicle wrapped will enable you to maintain the resale value. The wrap will protect the original paint work of your car, protecting it from scratches, chips and dents. If you aren’t keen on the colour of your vehicle but don’t want to damage the paint work, you can get it wrapped. From wrapping the car, you will be protecting the original factory paint work; therefore, when the time comes to sell the car all you need to do is peel off the wrap to reveal the paint underneath.



Applying a standard colour wrap to a car is a far quicker process than having a paint job. A paint job will require your car to be out of action for a couple of weeks while the paint dries. However, a wrap only takes 3-5 days to complete.

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Choosing the Right Sign for your Business

Signage Kent

Picking the right sign for your business can be a challenge as you want to get one that will be in keeping with the town, village or city you are in and have one that will suit your business. There are a few factors to take into account when producing a business sign. Sign makers in Kent will develop a sign that meets your business requirements and promotes it in the best way.



There are many places you can position a sign outside your business. You could have a hanging sign above the front door to enable people not only to see what the business is but also where the entrance is. These are good for cities or large towns as people will see the sign from a distance. You could also use signage like A-boards, wall signs and window signs. These signs are good for smaller towns as they’ll be more noticeable on the street.


The Right Size

Getting the right size sign for your business is an essential. The sign needs to be eye catching but not so large that it causes complaints. The sign needs to be visible, and for the best results, it should be readable from different angles and recognisable from a distance. Signage in Kent will produce the perfect sized sign for your business.



Adding lights to your business sign will make it more eye catching for passer-bys. Using LED, neon or back lighting will brighten the storefront and make it more attractive to customers. If people can see it and like the look of it, then they’ll be more likely to go in.



First impressions are important and being artistic with your sign will give your business more of a professional look. There are a few ways you can get creative with the sign; you could use paint (including chalk paint). Decorate the sign with relevant patterns and designs that suit your business. However, remember that less is more, overcrowding the sign will make it hard to read.



The material of your sign will be based on the type of business you have and the sort of message you want to give out to customers. The types of materials you could have are fabrics, metal (can be good for a rustic/vintage business), wooden signs, painted glass (good for windows) and awnings.



Depending on where your business is located will be a large factor in deciding what sign you have for your business. The sign will need to be in keeping with the neighbourhood feel and look as going against this could cause controversy within the local area.


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6 Reasons To Use Wall Graphics


Using wall graphics in an office environment will improve the functionality of employees. Boring plain walls won’t encourage any unique thinking. However, brightly coloured walls lift the mood of people, making them happier and will allow their brains to think outside of the box.

Wall graphics in Kent offer a professional application of the graphic and will capture the style of your business.   


Livens Up The Wall

Walls are all around us constantly; at work, at home, even when we’re walking out and about. Plain walls aren’t particularly exciting as there’s nothing to look at and can make a town or room seem duller. Brighten up the walls and bring them to life with amazing wall graphics!



In an office environment sometimes it’s nice to have something motivating, that’s encouraging you to work and get you through tough days. Office graphics in Kent can decorate your office and make it more colourful which can boost the morale of employees, increasing work performance.  


Grab People’s Attention

Bright, colourful and detailed walls are much more eye catching than an ordinary wall. People are more inclined to stop and look at a wall with graphics on it which, if it’s for your business, will further inform people about it or if it’s a general wall graphic, it will be something nice to see and read.   


Good Way of Advertising

Advertising through the means of wall graphics is an excellent way to reaching the attention of everyone. Big, bright and bold wall graphics will constantly attract the attention of people and show the business in a positive light.    


Easy to Apply

Applying wall graphics is an easy process and can be done quite quickly (depending on size). The graphic can be placed on any wall and are easy to remove once applied. Not only are they easy to apply but they are also quite cheap. Advertising through wall graphics is a much cheaper way of sharing and promoting your business.


Can Be Any Design

The beauty of wall graphics is they can be anything you want. You can produce your design and have it transferred onto the wall, or you can use an existing design if applicable to what you want.

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Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping

Knight & Day Van Signage Side

Vehicle wraps in Kent offer wrapping for your cars, vans, buses and trains. Wrapping your vehicle has many advantages for both general and business use. It can be used as a protective shield for your car, or it can be used as an advertising tool. Vehicle wrapping is an excellent way of showing off your car and your business.   



Wrapping your car, van or lorry will allow you to promote your company in a much more efficient way. Advertising your business by wrapping your company vehicle, will allow you to reach a wider audience. As you drive the wrapped car around it will allow people to see, acknowledge it and understand what the business is about. It is also very cost effective, having the vehicle wrapped doesn’t require a huge amount of money, and due to its durability, it lasts a long time. Further meaning that you won’t have to spend more money on getting it touched up or redone.  


Easy to Put On and Remove

The application of the wrap is a fairly simple process and doesn’t take a huge amount of time to complete. Van wrapping in Kent have 24-hour installations and will complete the process quickly and to the highest standard. If you ever want the wrapping removed or changed again the process is simple. With our top of the range materials, the wrap will remove cleanly without any fuss or damage to the vehicle or its paint work.  


More Attractive

A regular car or van can be attractive however wrapping it will make it stand out so much more. You could have a design on there you’ve always wanted, so you can have your dream car, or create a piece of artwork that will benefit and show off your company. A more attractive vehicle will catch the eye of people and make them intrigued about what the vehicle is displaying.


Lasts a Long Time

Vehicle wraps are long lasting and durable. Having a solid colour put onto your car can last up to 10 years without coming off or showing signs of discolouration. A full-colour digital printing doesn’t last as long but still lasts an incredible seven years. This means that you won’t be wasting money as you will only be required to have it done once for 7-10 years unless you wish to change the design.   


Protects the Vehicle  

Due to the wrap going on top of the car, it protects the vehicle’s paint work from scratches. The wrap will act as an attractive, protective layer and will defend the vehicle from road debris, small dents or scrapes.  


Want your vehicle wrapped? Get in touch with us today!

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The Benefits of Having a Professional Business Sign


Sign makers in Kent can improve your business simply by using a sign! Signs attract, encourage and engage the customer with your company. A well-made sign will get people to read about your business and be intrigued by what it has to offer. We want to make sure you have the best signage for your company whether it’s fascia signage, banners or a-boards.      


Looks professional

A sign is the simplest and most efficient form of advertising. Having a business sign that has been produced professionally will allow for your company to look a lot more respectable and well-presented. This will allow for customers to feel proud to shop or be in business with you, resulting in an increase in reviews and profit.          



An attractive sign will make it a lot more aesthetically pleasing for people to see. No-one wants to see a scrappy sign in the town they live in as this can be off-putting and upsetting to some people. Therefore having a sign that has been made professionally will make people happier and will increase the morale of the town.  



Getting yourself a professionally made business sign will be a huge investment as it will essentially advertise itself. A well-made sign will further increase the profits of your company and result in you earning back the money you spent on the sign.   

A good sign will get you noticed and increase your publicity. Signs such as banners and advertising boards will mean that the promotion of your business will be spread across your local area gaining the attention of a lot of people at once.      

Studies have shown that adequate signage can increase your profits by 7 – 15% (dependant on the type of sign). The most useful signs are large pole signs as they can target a lot of people at once due to its size.


Encourage Customers

Customers will be more willing to go to your company over others if it looks professional. A company that looks reliable and is well-presented will allow for customers to have more trust in it and want to spend their money.  

Impulse shopping will also be increased. When walking through town, if someone sees an eye-catching, well-made sign they will be more inclined to go into the shop and purchase something or recommend it to their friends and family. Gaining extra publicity and engaging with customers.

Signage in Kent aims to produce signs that have this effect and make your business stronger.


If you want a professionally made sign, get in touch with us today!

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Benefits of Car Wrapping

Ford Truck Wrap Sideview

If you want to change the look of your vehicle without having to undergo the hassle of an expensive respray, car wrapping Kent may be an ideal option for you. Car wraps are more economical. Another advantage is that they come in such a wide variety of colours and finishes, you are sure to get the result you want.  

Instant Results

Car wraps will instantly transform your vehicle into one that looks fresh, new and on-trend. What’s more, vehicle wraps come in a variety of finishes, such as matte, gloss, metallic and even textured. These options are much more affordable than a respray but they offer the same kind of eye-catching result, to really help you stand out on the road. Gloss wraps in particular offer the same glossy finish as a respray and the colour options available to you are infinite.


Once you’ve chosen your colour and finish, contact an experienced vehicle wrapping technician. They will apply your chosen wrap carefully and expertly, in order to avoid any trapped air bubbles or imperfections that would otherwise damage the finish.

Easy to Remove

A considerable advantage of car wraps over resprays is that they are removable. Once you have grown tired of your car’s colour, simply peel away the wrap and begin anew. There is also the option to have paint protection wraps. Offering an extra level of reassurance, these will cause no damage to the underlying paintwork.

Great for Advertising

Not just a pretty face, vehicle wraps can be an ideal way of capitalising on mobile advertising space. Any vehicle can be fitted with a wrap, from cars and vans to buses and trains.
Prestige Graphics offer expertly applied premier vehicle wraps as well as a variety of other services you may be interested in. We offer professional window tinting, signage or signwriting and vehicle wrapping in Kent. To find out more about our car wrapping service and how we can help, contact Prestige Graphics today.