Everything you need to know about Car Wrapping

What is car wrapping? 

Car wrapping is the process of completely or partially covering your vehicle with a vinyl film to change the overall look of the car. The vinyl film can be a different colour, texture or design to the original appearance of the car. 

Car wrapping has become a popular add on to many vehicles on the road. Vinyl wrapping doesn’t just include cars, with the right equipment, you can change the appearance of trains, busses and vans. 


Will it protect my car?

While the job of a car wrap is not to protect your car, it can be used to protect the original paintwork from light scratches and chips. If you are looking for a protective covering you should consider PPF (paint protection film) which offers a layer of defence through a chemical topcoat. 


How does it work?

Car wrapping should be completed by a professional with the correct equipment. It can be a difficult job that won’t look good unless done correctly. 

  1. Firstly, measurements of the car are taken to ensure accurate vinyl cutting.
  2. The colours, style, finish or design will be discussed and graphics suitable for the car will be created.
  3. The vinyl is then printed and cut accurately, according to the measurements of the vehicle.
  4. The plastic vinyl is then applied over the vehicle’s original paintwork.


Do I need to wrap my entire car?

No, the vinyl wrap can be applied to the entire surface of the car or to particular areas. Some common partial wraps include changing the appearance of the mirrors, spoiler, roof or bonnet. If you have a design idea you should discuss with a professional who can help bring it to life.


Will I still be able to sell the car?

It is probably a good idea to have the car wrap removed before trying to sell the car, unless the new owner likes the look of it. As long as the vinyl wrap has been done professionally you will have no issues with removing the vinyl, therefore you’ll have no marks or damage to the original paintwork and the car can be sold as it would have before the wrap.


What if the vinyl gets damaged?

Vinyl’s can be fixed by replacing the section which is damaged. Fortunately, cars are often wrapped using sections of vinyl so if you find an area to be damaged you can replace one part rather than having to re wrap the entire car.



Whilst washing your car will not affect the wrap, you should take care if entering a Drive-through car wash which could peel or chip the wrap. Hand washing is the safest option for cleaning your car which has a vinyl wrap.



If you are ready to remove your vinyl car wrap you should contact the unit who completed the wrap and get it removed in a professional way, this can be done using heat technology which won’t affect the cars original paintwork. 

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