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Signwriting FAQs

Signwriting is an excellent way to help improve your customer base and optimise your branding. Commonly, signwriting is used for boosting the advertisement of your business and helping you develop your branding image.

Signwriting in Kent has a highly experienced team of signwriters who use the highest quality products to guarantee an outstanding finish.


Listed below are 14 signwriting FAQs, hopefully answering any questions you may have.


1. What is Signwriting?

Signwriting is the process of installing graphics onto a surface such as a vehicle or a store window. Signwriting can be done in a couple of ways. It can be vinyl, in particular, if it’s being applied to a vehicle. Or, it can be hand painted onto a glass window.


2. What Can Signwriting be Put on?

Signwriting can be used on all sorts of surfaces and for many purposes. Commonly, signwriting is used on vehicles for advertising purposes. However, it can also be used as business signs for shop windows.


3. Can I Wash my Car with a Pressure Washer?

If you have signwriting applied to your car, then you will need to take some care when you are washing it. It is recommended that you use a sponge and warm soapy water. This will be nice and gentle on the car and the signwriting. Using a squeegee to remove excess water is beneficial as it does a smooth and efficient job. However, when doing this, be careful around the edges of the signwriting to avoid damaging it.

When choosing the equipment to wash your car with, make sure that you don’t use abrasive cleaners or chemicals. This is because it can affect the signwriting. Pressure washers can be used but in use bear in mind that you keep the pressure below 2000 psi and have a wide spread angle. Be aware that using a jet washer can actually reduce the lifespan of the signwriting.  


4. How Long Will the Signwriting Last?

Signwriting can tend to last a long time. It’s a very durable product and is made to be weatherproof. On average, signwriting can last between 3-7 years. This is a fairly large gap; however, this will be as a result of the quality. As long as the signwriting is cared for and respected, it should last quite a long time, but if it is mistreated, then the lifespan will be significantly reduced.

Once you’ve had the signwriting applied to your vehicle, it may be beneficial to you to not wash your car until at last a week later. Cleaning it too soon can affect the adhesive.


5. Will it Damage my Paintwork?

Not necessarily. If applied correctly your paintwork should be absolutely fine. As it’s vinyl, it will be very similar to a wrapping. Wrapping a vehicle protects the original paintwork and signwriting is very similar. If the graphics are in direct sunlight, when they’re removed you may notice that you can see where the graphics were as the paintwork that wasn’t covered will have slightly faded. This isn’t a major issue as it does take years for this effect to happen.


6. How Do I Remove Them?

The removal of signwriting is relatively straightforward. You can take it back to the garage, or you can remove it yourself. The general process of removing signwriting is heating it to warm up the adhesive. Once this has been done, from one corner you want to peel it back to allow it to come off easily. The signwriting should be heated throughout this process to enable all the adhesive to come off smoothly. To avoid any issues it is often best to get a professional to do this if you have no experience in it.


7. Can I Wax my Vehicle if I Have Signwriting on it?

It’s best not to apply chemicals to the signwriting as this can have a negative reaction with the vinyl, causing it to crack and break down. Soapy water is advisable to wash your car with to reduce the event of anything bad happening to the signwriting.  


8. Do I Need to Look After the Graphics in a Special Way?

There is no particular care required, however, bear in mind the previous comment on washing. Try to avoid using jet washers and abrasive chemicals on the signwriting.


9. Can I Supply my Own Designs?

If you have your own designs you want to put on your vehicle, most places will accept this. They can also help you design something, so if you have a couple of ideas and no design, the signwriters will assist in designing the graphic for you.


10. Is Signwriting Just for Vehicles?

Signwriting isn’t necessarily just for vehicles. Commonly signwriting is for cars, vans or buses (any vehicle) due to the signwriting being Vinyl. As a result, it can sit on the vehicle’s surface without causing any damage. However, signwriting covers optimising your brand’s visibility. Signage in Kent have professional designers who will update your signage and if needed, help you create custom logos and designs.


11. Are There Benefit to Signwriting?

Signwriting comes with multiple benefits. It will benefit you and your business (if you have one). Signwriting can benefit you because it will allow you to have the design you want on your car or van. Alongside this, the signwriting will act similarly to wrapping. It will protect the original paintwork of the vehicle enabling it to be good as new when you remove it.

Graphics work and signwriting can be easily applied to a vehicle and removed just as easily.

If you are using signwriting for business purposes, it will significantly help with the advertising of your business. As you drive your car or van around, it will allow people you pass to see what you are offering. This is giving you the opportunity to target hundreds and potentially thousands of people at the same time.

Signwriting in shop windows will help your business look more professional and assist with customer loyalty.


12. Can the Graphics be Reused?

Unfortunately no. Graphics put onto a car cannot be reused as when they may be stretched and have deteriorated a bit.


13. Will Signwriting Help Advertise my Business?

Signwriting can help advertise your business. Having your businesses branding on vehicles will help get the word out about our business. As you drive around in the car or van, people multiple people will be able to see it and get in touch. Typically it’s more beneficial to have the businesses name, colours, contact information and a little bit about the business on the vehicle. This is giving those who are seeing your vehicle enough information to be interested and be able to contact.


14. How Long Does it Take?

Applying signwriting to a vehicle will generally take a couple of hours. The process is very similar to wrapping a vehicle; however, it all depends on the size of the design. If the design is large, it will naturally take longer to apply, but smaller ones can be completed quicker.

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