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Tips for Signwriting

Signwriting is an excellent way of reaching hundreds of people at the same time. It allows you to advertise your business and make people aware of who you are as a company. Signwriting in Kent have professionals who will wrap your vehicle, offering your business the best look.


Keep it Concise

Too much information is overwhelming and can result in people reading something that isn’t pertinent to what your business is about. By keeping the information concise and just saying what you need to, readers will find it much easier to understand.


Less is More

It’s not just the information that needs to be kept simple, but the design does too. A clean design promotes business positively and professionally. You will build a more trusted relationship with customers from them knowing how professional you are.


Match Your Brand

When putting graphics on your vehicle that are promoting your business, make sure that you match your branding. Therefore you will want to use the same colours, logo and slogan (should you have one). You will be more identifiable if you include your business’s brand and it will leave people remembering who you are.


Easy on The Eye

Don’t go overboard with the designs. Too much colour and wording can make it difficult to read. Consider using colours that will compliment each other to make it a little bit easier to see. Train wrapping in Kent will professionally design your vehicle so that you can inform more people about your business.


Contact Details

Showing your contact details on the vehicle will make it easier for people to see how to get in contact with you if they like the sound of what you are offering. As you will be targeting a large selection of people with the graphics on your vehicle, it’s best to have a phone number or website people can use to get in touch with you.



If you have any accreditations, include them in the design for your vehicle. Accreditations are worth showing off as they will make your business stand out and allow it to look better. If people know about any professional accreditations you may hold, then it will help boost the trust customers have in your business.

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