Car Wraps Kent

Why Should You Wrap Your Vehicle?

Fancy a change or want a different colour car? Vehicle Wraps in Kent will professionally wrap your vehicle, giving it a fresh look and an expert finish. Wrapping is significantly cheaper than paint but can look just as good and will protect your original paintwork!


Easy Removal

Just like applying it, the wrap on a vehicle is easy to remove. To remove the wrap, it’s best to have some experience however the process is quite simple. All you need to do it have a heat gun. The heat gun is required to heat the wrap to a certain degree. Once the temperature has been reached you, then need to peel the wrap back at a 45-degree angle slowly. Due to what the wrap is made of, it shouldn’t leave any adhesive on the car.  However, rushing the peel can cause the vinyl and the adhesive to separate. 



If you have bought a car but not liked the colour, then a wrap is for you. Wrapping your vehicle is a cheaper alternative to paint and is a more beneficial way of changing the colour of your vehicle. For a good, professional paint job the price will be around £4,000, this is worth it if you have no plans to change the colour. For an average colour wrap, it’d be around £1,200. Both prices are variable upon the size of the car.


Not Permanent

As a wrap sits on top of the original paint work, the paint will always be available if you change your mind or have had enough of the wrap. Being a temporary colour change, you can just peel the wrap off to reveal the original colour underneath. Car Wrapping in Kent will wrap your vehicle allowing you to have the colour car you’ve always wanted.


Protect the Paint

Getting your vehicle wrapped will enable you to maintain the resale value. The wrap will protect the original paint work of your car, protecting it from scratches, chips and dents. If you aren’t keen on the colour of your vehicle but don’t want to damage the paint work, you can get it wrapped. From wrapping the car, you will be protecting the original factory paint work; therefore, when the time comes to sell the car all you need to do is peel off the wrap to reveal the paint underneath.



Applying a standard colour wrap to a car is a far quicker process than having a paint job. A paint job will require your car to be out of action for a couple of weeks while the paint dries. However, a wrap only takes 3-5 days to complete.

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