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Choosing the Right Sign for your Business

Picking the right sign for your business can be a challenge as you want to get one that will be in keeping with the town, village or city you are in and have one that will suit your business. There are a few factors to take into account when producing a business sign. Sign makers in Kent will develop a sign that meets your business requirements and promotes it in the best way.



There are many places you can position a sign outside your business. You could have a hanging sign above the front door to enable people not only to see what the business is but also where the entrance is. These are good for cities or large towns as people will see the sign from a distance. You could also use signage like A-boards, wall signs and window signs. These signs are good for smaller towns as they’ll be more noticeable on the street.


The Right Size

Getting the right size sign for your business is an essential. The sign needs to be eye catching but not so large that it causes complaints. The sign needs to be visible, and for the best results, it should be readable from different angles and recognisable from a distance. Signage in Kent will produce the perfect sized sign for your business.



Adding lights to your business sign will make it more eye catching for passer-bys. Using LED, neon or back lighting will brighten the storefront and make it more attractive to customers. If people can see it and like the look of it, then they’ll be more likely to go in.



First impressions are important and being artistic with your sign will give your business more of a professional look. There are a few ways you can get creative with the sign; you could use paint (including chalk paint). Decorate the sign with relevant patterns and designs that suit your business. However, remember that less is more, overcrowding the sign will make it hard to read.



The material of your sign will be based on the type of business you have and the sort of message you want to give out to customers. The types of materials you could have are fabrics, metal (can be good for a rustic/vintage business), wooden signs, painted glass (good for windows) and awnings.



Depending on where your business is located will be a large factor in deciding what sign you have for your business. The sign will need to be in keeping with the neighbourhood feel and look as going against this could cause controversy within the local area.


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