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Signage Options for Your Business

If you are looking for signage for advertising or other purposes but aren’t sure where to start, this article may help. Here is a brief outline of the kinds of signage available to you.

Swing Signs

Swing signs can be hanging or free-standing. Not only are they eye-catching for passers-by, but hanging swing signs can catch the attention of passing motorists very effectively. The advantage of this kind of sign is that they don’t take up too much wall space or pavement space. So if space is a concern for you, this type of signage will be ideal.

Interior and Exterior

Interior and exterior signage is a great option if you are looking to install graphics in your space. You could display your company motto, slogan, aims or initiatives for all to see. Alternatively, if your business offers a range of services that you wish to communicate to potential customers, an exterior sign is the way to go.

3-Dimensional Lettering

3-D signage stands out. Literally! So, if you are looking for signage that really grabs attention, 3-D lettering may be for you. These kinds of signs are great for promoting your company and really leaving an impression on your customers.


A-boards are a great way of catching attention, especially from footfall traffic. Placed on the pavement, the eye will naturally be drawn to an eye-catching sign that displays the range of services on offer.

Small Advertising Boards

These kinds of boards are perfect for display anywhere you see fit. They also have the advantage of not taking cluttering up your space, if that is something you are concerned about.


Advertising banners offer plenty of space and can be arranged to divide up a large space. This may be perfect for catching the attention of people and conveying important messages to your customers.

Perspex Panels

Perspex panels offer a modern, sleek look. They look great too!

Fascia Signage

Acting as the frontispiece of your business, fascia signage will always draw attention. For this reason, you should make sure it looks perfect and is of an exceptional standard.

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