Car Wrapping Kent

Benefits of Car Wrapping

If you want to change the look of your vehicle without having to undergo the hassle of an expensive respray, car wrapping Kent may be an ideal option for you. Car wraps are more economical. Another advantage is that they come in such a wide variety of colours and finishes, you are sure to get the result you want.  

Instant Results

Car wraps will instantly transform your vehicle into one that looks fresh, new and on-trend. What’s more, vehicle wraps come in a variety of finishes, such as matte, gloss, metallic and even textured. These options are much more affordable than a respray but they offer the same kind of eye-catching result, to really help you stand out on the road. Gloss wraps in particular offer the same glossy finish as a respray and the colour options available to you are infinite.


Once you’ve chosen your colour and finish, contact an experienced vehicle wrapping technician. They will apply your chosen wrap carefully and expertly, in order to avoid any trapped air bubbles or imperfections that would otherwise damage the finish.

Easy to Remove

A considerable advantage of car wraps over resprays is that they are removable. Once you have grown tired of your car’s colour, simply peel away the wrap and begin anew. There is also the option to have paint protection wraps. Offering an extra level of reassurance, these will cause no damage to the underlying paintwork.

Great for Advertising

Not just a pretty face, vehicle wraps can be an ideal way of capitalising on mobile advertising space. Any vehicle can be fitted with a wrap, from cars and vans to buses and trains.
Prestige Graphics offer expertly applied premier vehicle wraps as well as a variety of other services you may be interested in. We offer professional window tinting, signage or signwriting and vehicle wrapping in Kent. To find out more about our car wrapping service and how we can help, contact Prestige Graphics today.

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